We NOT ONLY design new products for customers' needs. We ALSO draw and make the models of the products. Any product we make for our customers we will always kept doing test until to meet their standard.

We also improve old products for customers who are not satisfied with their current products. We will maximize the fuctionalities, performace, and durability of the prodcuts to make them one and only.


We have designed and produced our own products; for whom are interested in are welcome to contact us to get more detailed information.


We do producing products specified by the customers. We guarantee them that all the products are with the best price and best quality.


ABM Tom International Co., Ltd. , established in 1989, is a manufacturing factory (ODM) located in

Taiwan. ABM Tom has over 26 years of experience manufacturing hand tools for the United States,

Australia, and European countries such as Germany and England. We have received great feedbacks

from vendors and customers due to our commitment to high-quality products, reasonable prices,

and efficient production lines. Furthermore, ABM Tom has a strong innovative design team that has

participated in many product development projects with its vendors. ABM Tom has manufactured a wide

range of products such as garden tools, mitre box with saw, handsaws, and cooking pans.


REASONS to choose ABM Tom

1. Offering Best Price

2. Emphasizing Product Quality

3. Improving Product Functionalties & Performance

4. Maximizing Prodcut Durability

5. Base on Aluminum Product (no rust, light and very strong)

6. 10 years Warranty with Proper Use followed by Instructions