How A Product FORMED




We have a 4 members R&M team, which mainly focus on the markets in America and Eourope. They research what the markets need and want. In Addition, they develop campaigns to promote the product to distributors and customers. Getting feedback from the markets is one the most important missions; therefore, the product can be reached to their needs.



Once the research is completed, designing will be processed.

There are 6 steps of the design:

1. Objectives and Goals

2. Budget and Schedule

3. Target Audience

4. Project Scope

5. Needed Materials

6. Overall Style

All of the steps have to be completed before developing.



Finally, it comes to develop the model of product. Basically, products will be made into a few different forms, which the best and most confortable one will be choosen during the test.



This is the most important and the last step before a product will be published.

Mainly, the experiment will focus on a few aspects:

1. Durability

2. Functionality

3. Force Capability

4. Stability

5. Comfortableness

6. Using by different ages

All the experiments have to be met the both company's and clients' standard; otherwise, the designing procedure will be repeated.



     - Innovation

           - Best Quality
           - Enhanced Performance
           - Improvement of Functionalities and Durabilities

     - Environmental

           - Recyclable material(Aluminum)
           - Harmless to Human Beings
           - Conducted by SGS

     - Efficiency

           - Great Result with minimum effort
           - Low Cost
           - High Performance
           - Easy To Use